Rolls Royce

Royal Rolls Royce

In 1998 Autogas 2000 ltd were approached as part of the UK awareness scheme to promote autogas to the general public to convert a Rolls Royce Phantom VI used by HM Queen Elizabeth II.
With support from the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace and Rolls Royce motorcars the prestigious vehicle was transported under cover to Autogas 2000 Ltd in the small North Yorkshire village of Carlton Miniott, Thirsk.
Under secrecy and tight security the vehicle was converted by Autogas 2000 engineers Jonathan Smith and Chris Wise to run on LPG and was then transported back to the Royal Mews for official announcement.
Gordon Wise the managing director at the time for Autogas 2000 Ltd was invited down to the Royal Mews for the official announcement to the media which also covered other ministerial vehicles converted to LPG including a metro cab converted from Diesel to LPG used by HRH Prince Philip.
The Rolls Royce conversion once released into the public domain sparked media frenzy with many national papers chasing interviews from Autogas 2000 Ltd regarding the conversion while at the same time reporting the benefits of running cars on Autogas nationally.
This was the most prestigious car we have ever converted and something that we are proud of and today is still referred to in many circles of the Autogas industry