LPG Warranty

Autogas 2000 Ltd working with A1 Warranties presents the LPG Vehicle Breakdown warranty with our five star conversion kits.

Following concerns some customers have that their vehicle manufacturers or dealer's warranty would be invalidated by converting to LPG, Autogas 2000 Ltd launched a new LPG Vehicle Breakdown Warranty supported by A1 Warranties.

The Autogas 2000 warranty was the first UK warranty specifically designed for dual fuel customers and following its success has become the industry standard and has been adopted by many other UK equipment suppliers.

The warranty covers any vehicle components that may be adversely affected in the unlikely event of a LPG conversion component failure. The warranty does not cover damage that occurred prior to the conversion, faulty installation or damage that could be considered general ware and tare.

For full details of the warranty inclusions and exclusions, please contact Autogas 2000 Ltd directly.