LPG Conversion removal and refit or any hot work.

LPG conversions can be removed and transferred from one vehicle to another of similar engine configuration. So for example the conversion fitted two years ago to a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 four cylinder can be removed, serviced and recalibrated and fitted to fit another four-cylinder car such as a Ford for example. This ensures that the initial cost and outlay for the original conversion can still be carried over to a new vehicle in effect recycling the system.

Conversion removal for vehicle scrapping can also be arranged at our workshops where the LPG tank is removed, safely evacuated of LPG before been rendered unserviceable and then scraped along with the rest of the system. Any hot work required to the vehicle such as paint body shop or welding in around the LPG tank location required that the LPG tank is removed and all fuel line plugged and capped off for this work to take place.

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