Vehicle Engine Conversion

Sequential Gas Injection

Today the gas systems are far more advanced and new technology and software allow a greater flexability for vehicle engine conversions.
Today a gas system injects gas straight into the inlet manifold of the vehicle the same as petrol, which gives better metering of the fuel, improved MPG and further reductions in tail pipe emissions.
The injection of the gas system is done in a sequential firing order to match the petrol system and these are the most common of the conversions that we fit today often referred to as SGI (Sequential Gas Injection).

The heart of the LPG conversion is the LPG computer (ECU) which not only controls the switching on and off of the petrol injectors but also uses the original petrol injector signals to drive the newly fitted gas injectors ensuring petrol control functions are transferred to the gas system to include cruise control, traction control etc.

A simple dashboard change over switch enables the user to select the fuel while driving and also gives a reading to the gas remaining inside the gas tank. In the event that the vehicle runs out of LPG the switch will bleep giving notification that the system has reverted back to petrol. Once refilled the system will simply reset and the user can then select LPG as the main choice of fuel.

LPG Service

Servicing of the system is important as there are gas filters under the bonnet to change. We advise that servicing is done once a year but the LPG Ecu records the hours of use while driving of both petrol and gas and in some cases after engine off the switch will bleep to make the driver aware that a filter change is required.

Autogas 2000 ltd has cherry picked various systems over the years and we only deal with the direct manufacturer of the system to ensure maximum support and best price. The conversion kit we use today are amoungst the best available and for further information please click on the following logo to read more.

LPG tanks

Click on the LPG tank for further information regarding LPG tank options to work with our above systems

Diesel LPG conversions

Diesel LPG conversions are still a matter debate as some manufacturers claim to have working emission compliant systems but the industry body (UKLPG) have not yet been provided with any proof of these results to date regarding private light goods vehicles.

Some work has been done on HGV vehicles and this sector of the market is starting to show interest with some proven systems coming through.

LPG Engine and valve wear

This is an important part of the LPG conversion as some engines can show an increase in valve wear while running on LPG. To read further regarding this please follow this link